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Oded Ran Hermoni

Rhodium Capital
Venture Partner

Oded is a Venture Partner at Rhodium Capital, an investment company focused on early stage companies in Israel and US including Outbrain, Face.com (Facebook), Hopstop (Apple), Chosen and others. Oded served as a board member and observer in over 25 companies in the past years. Currently he is a board member at Chosen and Happy Farm and observer and advisor in few other companies.

Oded serves on the screening committee of TIE Angels and as Co-Chair of IEFF- Israeli Entrepreneurs and Founders and advises US VC’s regarding Israeli investments. He is a frequent speaker and judge in High Tech conferences and competitions such as TIECON, EY Journey, EU Parliament, PreMoney (500Start Ups), Wharton, Stanford, and TEC.

His previous roles include heading and forming of the Israeli High Tech Industry and VC Associations (now IATI and IVA), VP of Capital Point investment group (TASE) and Meytag High Tech ventures, advising to the R&D arm of the Israeli Gov. He co-founded TopIdea, (acquired by Zap Group/ Yellow Pages in 2006) and prior to that served as the leading technology journalist in Israel at Haaretz, TheMarker and RedHerring.

Oded served as an officer in the IDF (Captain). He holds BA and MBA, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He lives in Los Altos, CA, With his wife and two children.