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Jessica Fashion Notes
The Fashion Expert, Blogger, vlogger and influencer Jessica Alejandro was born and raised in Guatemala,
with the influence of her mother she knew that fashion and femininity would be a part of her. 
She always had the desire to do something productive and to move forward as a thriving woman. 
When she arrived to the United States she found herself once again, the passion for fashion re-emerged.
She then realized that their were scarce resources for Latin women on the Web concerning Fashion and Style.
This is what led her to create her YouTube channel “Joryck” in the beginning of 2011. 
She then went on to create her blog Jessica’s Fashion Notes with millions of views. 
Her hobby became something inspiring for other women. 
Jessica is against most of what the style industry advertises: Vanity, Materialism and Superficiality.
Instead, she promotes attitude, self-confidence and femininity that can all be expressed through her wardrobe! 
Plus, she doesn’t only give outfit tips. 
She shows her own collections, offers reviews and giveaways, DIY Manuals, and random finds that will certainly 
make for great outfits later on. Jessica considers herself a shoe lover and that you don’t need to sacrifice your
 style because your a mother, student or something else that may keep us from taking care of ourselves. 
She identifies herself with the phrase that serves as her tagline: “1% Fashion, 99% Attitude.” 
Jessica was awarded with the Favorite Vlog (Video Blog) Award in 2012 by Blog by Latinas 
and was also awarded Best Latin@ Vlogger by LATISM’s in 2013.”